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We continue to offer voice to details of check out, investigative experiences and news that the ruling alliance involving the stalinist and Imperialist forces would not want released.

o- Our conferences are open to Absolutely everyone who would like to get the job done with us. They are not open up to disruptors. Nor to any individual who wants to implement the party line of the institution or of Imperialism on us, nor to people today or teams whose intent is to rework the work-sessions into a 3rd Environment espresso-store shouting match.

Χαίρομαι αφάνταστα με τη δημόσια τοποθέτηση σου γύρω από την προσωπική αλλαγή της δικής σου πορείας γύρω από τα θέματα του κράτους. Ακολουθεί η τοποθέτηση μου σε κάποια.

We are already requesting enable from Everybody we can find inside indymedia who may have technical skill and know-how, to help you us install and work an Open Publishing system for various a long time. You should see in this article To learn more:

The various threats to our protection and security and also the frequent endeavours to disrupt our perform by regime collaborators and provocateurs (posing as "anarchists") haven't succeeded in reducing our Local community function, our attempts, or our commitment. Nevertheless they have been The key reason why why we modified the "open Assembly" policy to a thing that works far better:

Just to verify it had been referring to a similar click here group, we acquired two further advertisements utilizing the expression “Jew hater” in combination with other phrases. Equally periods, Facebook improved the advert concentrating on category “Jew hater” to “Antisemityzm” in its approval.

If you come across a little something attention-grabbing, tap on the graphic to discover much more aspects from the seller, which include an item description, the title and profile Picture of the vendor, and their basic locale. You may also preserve the item to find it afterwards.

ακριβώς όπως αναφερόμουν σε κυπριακά αρνιά και καυστηριαζα την απράξία όπως την αντιλαμβανομουν τότε των κυπρέων

δεν μπορεί να θεωρείται ενναλλακτικός λόγος αυτός ο οποίος αναπαράγει επιχειρήματα για κράτη έθνη μέσα στα πλαίσια αυτού του άθλιου συστήματος

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Ταυτόχρονα αναγνωρίζω ρεαλιστικά ότι ο μιλιταριστικός κρατισμός του Τουρκικού Κράτους και Βίας απειλεί ουσιαστικά την ίδια μας τη φυσική ύπαρξη.

δεν ξέρω ποιος είσαι ουζάλα αλλά δυστυχώς το επίπεδο του "πολιτκού" σου λόγου έχει πιάσει πάτο

The chemical marketplace companies and unions propose adopting Binding Occupational Exposure Restrictions (BOELS) for reprotoxic substances, as is the situation for an ever increasing amount of carcinogens and mutagens.

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